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Love. It can suck the life right out of you. Think of a new relationship: everything sunny, glittering and full of possibility. Your new main squeeze is the one: smart, funny, ahead of the curve, bound for success. Things are going great until they just aren’t anymore.

And when they stop working, everything screeches to a halt leaving you lost, confused and feeling incredibly alone. What was once sunny is now clouded-over, what once glittered has lost its luster, and every possibility seems to come complete with a dead end.

You have a couple of options. You can throw your hands up in defeat, cut, and run. You can say it wasn’t meant to be, or you can invest in love. Invest time in your partner to really communicate your way through the tough stuff, invest money in the right ways to bring a sparkle back, and invest energy to show your partner that you’re worth it.

Running your own business is a lot like being in a relationship with yourself. You begin with a product, an idea, whatever you may be selling. At first, it’s great: nobody else has ever had this idea, you’re going to sell it to the world, make a difference, get a talk show, have a hospital named after you, your greatness cannot be stopped.

Then reality sets in: clients aren’t coming as fast as you’d like, partnerships are falling through, the competition does nothing but beat you at everything, and your idea has apparently been done before and way better. When you get to that cross road, you have the choice: shut the business down and live wondering “what if,”  or you can ask for help.

Talk to your accountant. Ask what’s working, what’s not. Where is the money going right now? Should it still be going there? Does your product need further development? What are you really good at? Do you need a partner to help you out? Don’t be so proud that you cut out analytical development and improvement. That’s what business is all about.

Julio Santos

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Some people love food. Some people love food so much they decide to open a restaurant. They love sharing new dishes, discovering new flavours, making meals memorable. They rent a space, design the interior, set the menu, hire a staff; everything is taken care of except for the kitchen, and here lies the problem.

What if you have all of the tools you learned to cook with. You love them, trust them, and rely on them, but something is telling you it may be time for new wares. Maybe some new appliances, maybe some new knives, these would be great but they’re so expensive. Is it really worth it? Should you invest in new gear when you can do it on your own?

The long and short answer is yes, and the question remains the same with accounting software. You can be as passionate as you like about your craft, your trade, your skills, but you need to have a reliable accounting framework in place to make sure everything is, pun intended, accounted for.

There are many great programs out there: Intuit Quickbooks, Sage Simply Accounting, Accountedge. Every program offers something slightly different, so find out what your specific needs are.  If you aren’t particularly interested in spending hours googling accounting software, finding a qualified accountant is the best way to go.

Any reliable accountant or bookkeeper knows the ins and outs of a variety of accounting programs. In addition to saving yourself the time and energy researching takes, you also save the cost of buying what can potentially be a very expensive program. Most accountants already have software in place and can update as necessary. This way, you can spend all of your energy, time, and money doing what you love in your business, and someone else can focus on making it all add up. For more information, please contact us.

Julio Santos

After the Spreadsheet is a collaborative project created in part by Descriptor Communications Inc. For more information visit

(PRWEB) February 25, 2003

Compiere – Smart Open Source ERP & CRM Business Application for Small Medium Companies – Released 2.4.4 with Financial Reporting

Compiere 2.4.4 Released

February, 2003: The Compiere project is proud to announce the availability of the new Release 2.4.4 with major new functionality. Compiere provides a first tier ERP Solution with fully integrated CRM solution to small to medium enterprises worldwide.

Compiere is the premier Open Source Business Solution with more than 450,000 downloads and usually maintains a top 10 position of the 56,000 Open Source projects in SourceForge for over a year now.

To speed up the implementation and for effective use of Compiere, Intensive Training is available (next in just a few weeks in Miami, Florida) in addition to various Online training offerings. Also, an initial list of References is now available and a preview of the long anticipated user documentation.

Functional Highlights:

     Redesigned Import

     -Product, Business Partner, Chart of Accounts, Financial Report Structure

     Resource Management

     – Definition and Schedule Resources

     Expense & Time Reporting

     – Enter Times (e.g. for a Business Partner or Project) and Expenses

     – Create Customer Orders from Expense Reports

     – Create Invoices to reimburse Employees and Vendors

     Financial Reporting

     – Import Financial Report Structure

     – Define and Create Financial Reports

     – Display/Print Statement of Accounts

     Customer Asset Management

     – Create/update a customer asset to track status of sold products (e.g. version, guarantee status, etc.)

     Print Invoices in Batch and create/send PDF invoices

Technical Highlights:

     Translation Pack – Ability to distribute Translations

     Oracle TNS discovery during setup

     Export to PDF (in addition to Postscript, HTML, Excel (csv) and XML)

For details check and the Online New Feature sessions.