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To provide accurate on time accounting and bookkeeping professional solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific needs, saving time, money and enabling their business to grow and prosper.

Outsourced Accounting Solutions

Minutes from Toronto, located in Milton, Ontario we are geared to service your business, offering onsite-offsite-remote-virtual pickup and delivery solutions. Servicing the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

We provide daily, weekly, and monthly accounting and bookkeeping services. We will save you time and money, letting you focus on your core business and enabling you to grow.
Servicing Your Establishment

Our services are diverse and we fully understand that many businesses may require special attention. Sandoez engages custom projects to accommodate the accounting needs of any industry. From startup to your year-end financials, we will take care of your administrative duties.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions

Outsourcing Sandoez Accounting & Business Solutions is a smart resource for your accounting, bookkeeping and office needs. Accounting and Bookkeeping is an integral part in the smooth and successful functioning of your business. While keeping track of the income and expenses gives you a clear picture of the performance of your business on monetary basis, collecting the bookkeeping financial information is a basic necessity for filing your various tax returns. Businesses, organizations, or any other bodies for which maintaining a separate department solely for this purpose is not viable, outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping requirements is a practical and profitable option. You can outsource some or all of your accounting and bookkeeping functions to Sandoez, while you focus on other facets of your business, saving you the bottom line.

Our outsourcing services are geared to add immediate value towards your business. Fees for all services vary; we base our services on an hourly rate, flat rate, per entry, per document, and the abundance of work required per service.